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Hi there,

This is Mthokozisi Mabhena speaking. First of all, thank you very much for being on this page. It shows you have taken the first step towards growth in 2023, and for that, congratulations.

You are reading this because you have realized that for your business to succeed in this digital world, it needs a new website. A website will make you internationally recognised, be found on Google and help you increase your reach and have new customers – it is also a stamp of legitimacy. Unlike most people who decide to ignore the changing world to their own peril, you have decided to take control of your future and get a website.

You are also here because you trust me more than anyone to build you a website. And you are right to trust me. My 7 years of experience in web design with a great portfolio, coupled with my reliability, honesty, empathy and university degree in Entrepreneurship means that your website and business are in the right hands.

So this is how everything is priced: for $100, you will get a fast-loading one-page website that will showcase all the information you need about your business, and you will also get a free web address and web hosting and one email. This is sufficient for most small and starting organisations.

However, when you decide you want a bit more for your business, your website will be $300 and that will get you a 5-page website, web address, hosting and 10 emails in just a few days. Because you need more, I will also give you a free one-hour digital strategy consultation and you will get priority support with your website. This website has all the bells and whistles you need for a growing organisation, you just state your needs and I fulfil them.

Now, when you want something truly custom, that is, you want more pages, you want me to write blog articles for you and you want some features that are not there in standard websites, that will need you to invest approximately $800, depending on your needs. This is for big brands and organisations that just want to blow out of the water!

Here are some of the websites I have developed in the past so that you can get a sense of what to expect on your website:

Not for-Proft Organisation Website


View project

Artist/Musician Website


View project

Podcast Website

21 Questions with Jacqui

View project

Blogger Website

Valentine Writes

View project

Again, I am excited that you have decided to invest in your organisation. Here are some responses from happy clients after they worked with me:

“Thanks Mtho for the simple, elegant and clean website, it has really helped me to put my podcast on the map and even help put everything in one place!”

“Hey chief, thank you very much for the beautiful website. It was just in time for the winter blogging challenge and you made me standout. Again, thank you!”

“Thanks bro for the website, it was clean and straight to the point and the board loved it. And we keep getting leads on a daily basis. I will engage more with you.”

“Hey bro, thanks for the logo and the branding. It made a lot of difference and our customers love it. It looks international kkk”

“Eish dawg!!!! The website is beautiful yhooo. It’s international standard. I haven’t seen any Zimbabwean artist website with such a dope website. Thanks my G!”

“I saw the YIELD Trust website and it is very beautiful. You are really good with design. Keep it up!”

“Thank you very much for the Bethalmandy logo and website. I love it love love it!”

“Hi bro, the website is amazing and me and my team love it. You were the second webdesigner we had to come to and you nailed it. I appreciate it!”

Congratulations once again on making this investment towards your brand. Please fill out the form here so I can start working on your website. The details go straight to my email and I will respond to you in two hours or less. I can’t wait to hear from you!